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I AM MGH: A NEW CAMPAIGN At Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), inclusion is a core value: as a community, MGH is committed to treating all patients and colleagues with respect, regardless of what they look like, where they come from, what they believe, or who they love. In January 2017, MGH put that commitment in writing with a new Diversity and Inclusion Statement, which asserts that diverse skills, perspectives, and backgrounds are critical to the hospital's ability to serve, heal, educate, and innovate. To mark the statement's introduction, MGH launched the I am MGH campaign, which shares the personal stories of MGH staff, high- lighting how their differences make their contributions more valuable to hospital colleagues, patients, and visitors. The campaign is one of several new initia- tives under implementation as part of the hospital's strategic plan to increase the diversity of the MGH community, fos- ter an inclusive environment, and embed the principles of diversity, inclusion, and equity as standard practice across all aspects of the organization. IMPROVING TRANSITIONS FOR BETTER CARE Transitions in care, such as moving a patient from a hospital to an outside skilled nursing facility, can be as critical to patient outcomes as the in-hospital treat- ment they receive. To improve these care transitions and inform the decision-mak- ing process for patients and providers, North Shore Medical Center (NSMC) implemented the naviHealth program in 2015. This online tool evaluates patients against baseline data and estimates how long they should be expected to remain at current care levels. The pilot program at NSMC focused on high-risk patients enrolled in the Partners HealthCare Center for Population Health's Integrated Care Management Program and was able to more accurately determine the level and amount of care needed to treat the patients effectively. With this tool, NSMC reduced the number of days patients stay in skilled nursing facilities by 33 percent. Inspired by these results, Partners has now implemented the naviHealth pro- gram across our entire system, fostering collaboration and outcomes-oriented evaluation of skilled nursing facilities as part of the care continuum. This research aims to shed light on PTSD and other less-understood forms of trauma disorders. | 44

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