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teer Department, to help identify how to meet the needs of individuals with Down syndrome in their capacity as volunteers by adjusting the registration systems, preparing them for interviews, and pro- viding a buddy program with seasoned volunteers. At this point, volunteers Ben Majewski and Ned Reichenbach have joined the program, bringing enthusiasm and determination to roles such as manning the patient book cart. More volunteers are expected to join the pro- gram and extend its reach to other areas of the hospital. The Program's champions say it's a natural extension of the MGH Down Syndrome Program, which integrates state-of-the-art resources with com- passionate, comprehensive care for individuals. "This partnership validates the vision of full potential and all that is possible for someone who has an intellectual disability," says Weiner. Care Circle Expands Support NEIGHBORHOOD HEALTH PL AN For at-risk individuals – which include the top five percent of Neighborhood Health Plan's (NHP) members – complex health needs, emergency room visits, lengthy hospital stays, and underuse of behavioral health services contribute to rising costs, and often, poorer outcomes. With an innovative program called Neighborhood Care Circle, NHP seeks to remove the social barriers that these members often face in receiving timely, coordinated care by connecting them with physical, psychological, addiction, and social resources in their community. With the help of a Neighborhood Care Circle team that includes a medical, social, and behavioral health care manager, a community health worker, and as appropriate, a recovery specialist, dietician, and rehabilitation nurse, members receive a wide range of support – from transportation to assistance securing safe housing. Early data indicate that the interventions are helping both to enhance well-being and lower health care costs among these patients. Above: MGH volunteers Ned Reichenbach and Ben Majewski.

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