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These are exciting and challenging times for families and communities. The health care system is transforming and new innovations in care delivery are providing patients with opportunities to interact with their caregivers in ways that are more coordinated and effective. As these changes unfold and as the Affordable Care Act is implemented, we are committed to the people and the communities we serve and to helping them navigate these changes in ways that will improve community health. Working together with our hospitals, licensed and affiliated health centers, and our community partners, we are focusing our investments on opportunities that are enabling low-income, vulnerable families to overcome significant barriers to health and well-being and make their lives better. We are weaving resources into the fabric of our neighborhoods, allowing greater access to health care. We are supporting educational and economic opportunities that are making school and career success possible for young people, community residents, and employees and building a diverse and informed workforce. And we are empowering children and families, making it easier to live healthy, active lives and embrace prevention as a pathway to total health and well-being. In an era where organizations are challenged to do more with less, we are taking a long view and investing millions of dollars each year in targeted, effective, and sustainable community health programs that lift up families and whole neighborhoods. We are emboldened with optimism by the perseverance of the people we serve and honored to participate in work that is changing lives and strengthening communities. Sincerely, Gary L. Gottlieb MD, President and CEO Partners HealthCare OUR MISSION: TO IMPROVE THE HEALTH AND WELL-BEING OF LOW-INCOME, VULNERABLE PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITIES WE SERVE. Matt Fishman Vice President for Community Health Partners HealthCare As a health care system, we are partners in opportunity with our communities. ACCESS EDUCATIONAL AND ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITy PREVENTION

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